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winter in porto

Winter break in Porto

Winter in Porto
Picture from: @igor_eezo

If you’re looking for a place where you can do a winter break, Porto is the answer for your problems. We’ll tell you why:

  • Porto it’s not as cold as most locations in Europe

With a mediterranean climate, the daytime temperatures in winter variate from 10 to 18°C and in the nighttime from 5 to 10°C, wich is like summer in a lot of european countries.


  • Food in Porto is considered comfort food

We have bifanas, francesinha, bacalhau, caldo verde (soup), and a lot of other dishes that will keep you warm during the winter. Just come here and try all of them!


  • Recently, Porto has become the stage for a lot of cultural events

Arts, music, food festivals, workshops and a lot of others outdoors events. With good or bad wheather, there is always a lot of events for you to have fun.


  • The Wine

The principal atraction to tourists, it’s the amazing wine that Porto has. With big diversification, you’ll find cellars at any corner where you can try to learn everything about wine, while you’re all cozy inside.


  • Christmas in Porto

During Christmas, Porto becomes even more beautiful. The decorations, markets, the big christmas tree, the ice skating rings and the different workshops, will keep you occupied.


If this is not enough, we’ll give you some suggestions on what to do if it’s raining, click here to see our post.

Now that you don’t have the excuse that summer is over, did you already bought the tickets? It’s time for a winter break! C’mon, we are waiting for you!

Bonjour Porto!