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Why Porto?

Although we know the answer, we want to hear it from you

Do you need a valid reason to visit Porto? We'll give you many!

Porto may be famous for its gastronomy but please stop thinking about food and go appreciate Porto’s great architecture and parks. And then, look for a restaurant that serves you a huge Francesinha so you have enough energy to walk on the city’s hilly terrains.

With the abundance of historical and cultural artifacts, Porto can’t be missed if you’re looking for a great place for a weekend city break. Just make sure you won’t fall madly in love and end up living here. Kidding, you will.

If you’re interested in Portuguese culture, port, and great food, Porto is a mandatory destination. Elected twice as the European Best Destination by the European Consumers Choice, in Porto, there’s something for everyone: have we already told you there are fluffy dogs everywhere? And cats, but those will probably ignore you.

Aren’t you convinced yet? So please, click “play” on the video below and open a tab with Skyscanner’s website.

“Where to?”



Well done! We’ll be right here waiting for you. Enjoy your travel.

Bonjour Porto!