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Porto Tips Blog Article

Tips for your first trip to Porto

If you’re coming to Porto or thinking about it, this post is for you! Below you’ll find some tips for your first trip to Porto so that you can make the most of it.

Porto Tips Blog Article

How long should I stay in Porto?

To get to know Porto we suggest a minimum of three days stay so that you can enjoy the best this city has to offer.

Stay as many days as you can because there are plenty of buildings to know and activities to do. Besides, you will fall in love with our city for sure!

What is the weather like in Porto?

Porto is located in the North of Portugal and is, therefore, slightly colder than the Southern cities. However, the cold is nothing out of this world.

During winter (December to March), average temperatures vary between 5° and 15°. In the summer months (June to September), temperatures vary between 20° and 35°.

Which cities near Porto should I visit?

Portugal is a country full of amazing places ⎼ some more touristy than others ⎼, and many of those places haven’t reached the ears of tourists (yet!).

If you come to Porto with some time to explore, we recommend visiting Guimarães, Douro Valley, Braga and the Peneda-Gerês National Park.

Make sure you take your camera with you because the landscapes of this country are breathtaking!

How should I move around the city?

There are several options for all kinds of needs (and wallets!). You can rent a car, take the bus/metro, call an uber, or even take a ride on a tuc-tuc…

We actually recommend you to walk around the city because Porto old town and all the most famous sights can easily be reached on foot. This way, you can appreciate every corner in detail.

There is so much to do and talk about Porto… It is a city full of life, beautiful places to visit, delicious food and friendly people. Not forgetting its amazing gardens that are perfect to enjoy the view and the pleasant weather (on most days!).

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Bonjour Porto!