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São Martinho

The tradition of São Martinho – Porto

São Martinho

On November 11th, in Portugal, São Martinho Day is celebrated. But who is São Martinho?

Is the protagonist of a Portuguese legend, that says:

A Roman soldier named Martinho, was on his way to his hometown on a very cold day and found a beggar full of cold, who asked for alms. It is said that the soldier tore the cloak he was wearing in half and gave the beggar a half to warm himself. Legend has it, that the cold stopped and the sun began to shine. Weather is said to have changed because Martinho did a good deed.

Since then, as a rule, on the eve of São Martinho day, the weather gets better and the sun comes up!

As a tradition, on November 11th , it’s Magusto day. Magusto means gathering friends and family around a fire roasting chesnuts and drinking the wine produced from the previous summer’s harvest. Chestnuts are associated with this date because when they are born, in the Chestnut tree, the Chestnut has a cape of spikes (called the Chestnut hedgehog). When autumn comes, the Chestnut falls to be caught.

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