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Casa Guedes

Review: Casa Guedes

Casa Guedes

Casa Guedes is one of Porto’s most famous restaurants. Known for the pork sandwiches, simple environment and flavorful food.

Review: Casa Guedes

After hearing about the wonderfull pork sandwiches at Casa Guedes, i decided to try it. We arrived at the restaurant at 9:30PM, and the staff quickly took us to a table and took the order.

The restaurant is simple, well decorated but a bit noisy, due to the amount of customers and workers. We ordered a pork sandwich (one without cheese, one with cheese and a Guedes sandwich), a soup and two francesinhas Guedes with french fries.

The soup and the sandwiches arrived promptly, while the francesinhas took about 45 minutes to reach the table. We went to have a family dinner and ended up eating at different times.

After a long wait, we spoke to the room manager about the delay and he told us that there was some confusion in the kitchen due to the recent opening. Although it didn’t shortened the waiting time, he offered us drinks and the french fries to make up for it. Even with these mishaps, it’s worth visiting. The food is great and i highly recommend trying the francesinha Guedes and the Guedes sandwich, they were absolutely amazing!

Where? Praça Poveiros 130, 4000-393 Porto
When? 10AM until 12PM (until 1PM at the weekends)
How much? 5 people (one child), 40-45€
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