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Pet-friendly places in Porto


Looking for pet-friendly places in Porto?

If you want to bring your pet to Porto and are in doubt about whether it will be a good idea or not, we say it is! Although Porto is a place full of green spaces and terraces, with the arrival of bad weather, it may not be the best option.

In this post we leave some pet-friendly places (great for escaping the cold) in Porto:

O Macrobiótico

It is a vintage place where they combine tradition with modern notes. Full of personality represented in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The best of this place? You can bring your pet!


A rural house, cozy atmosphere and good background music. Enjoy this place that besides being dog-friendly, is bike friendly and baby friendly. There are bicycle parking spaces, a glass of water upon your dog’s arrival, a baby changing room and various toys.


It’s a unique Asian concept in Portugal. This relaxed, casual-chic restaurant with a Pan-Asian cuisine, has a massive respect for the original recipes and selects authentic food allowing us to discover the best of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Japan and China cuisine.

Is there anything better than joining Asian food with your pet’s company? We believe not!

O Porto dos Gatos

Wow, we are so excited about this place! A 100% vegetarian place, located in the heart of Porto city, where you can adopt a cat and take your own.  It has everything to be a great experience!

Drogaria Bar

This Wine bar with a rustic space full of genuineness, only sells Portuguese products. From drinks to snacks, everything with Portuguese label. It is a great experience to get to know better the products that the country has to offer, without leaving comfort. If you are not already convinced, we add that the place is pet-friendly. Can you imagine drinking a good wine with your pet?

We dare you to try the HidroMel (be careful)!

The Happy Nest

The Happy Nest is a comfy place where you can drink great coffee, eat a slice of cake or a good lunch while reading a book, work or just chill with friends.

If you still don’t know whether or not to bring your pet, here are some pet-friendly hotels where you can stay with your pet.

Traveling with animals is always positive, and we love having them here!

Bonjour Porto!