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One-day trips from Porto: #6 Vila Real

Yes, we all agree. Porto is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. But if you enjoy your stay here, you will love the surrounding districts around it that are full of history and traditions. So today we explore the territory of Vila Real.


How to get to Vila Real

There are a few ways to travel from Porto to Vila Real. If you want to be a tourist 100% we suggest taking the bus, which is the cheapest way.

If you prefer comfort over experience,  car is the best and fastest way to get there.

Bus: 7 to 12€

Car: 11 to 17€

What to do

Being a city situated in a hilly landscape, Vila Real has a lot of great viewing points over the city like Alvão Natural Park . But that’s not all that this city can offer!




Add these attractions on the list of the things you should see: Mateus Palace, UTAD Botanical Garden, Igreja de São Domingos and Museu de Arqueologia e Numismática de Vila Real.

But don’t believe us. Get lost in the city and its’ beauty!

What to eat

Vila Real has a lot of egg based dishes which is a tradition dating back in the days. When a couple was getting married, people from around the town were donating eggs. Therefore, the “chefs” had to find the best way to use them.  So here is a list of traditional dishes in Vila Real that we love:

  •  Tripas aos molhos
  • Toucinho do Céu
  • Pitos de Santa Luzia
  • Cistas de Galo



We hope you have fun! Check out our other destinations around Porto!

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Bonjour Porto!