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One-day trips from Porto: #4 Viana do Castelo

If you come to Porto and stay for a while, our advice is: enjoy visiting the neighboring cities. The northern region of Portugal is rich in landscapes and history. Although Porto is the most prestigious place, there are places very close that are totally worth knowing. Today’s place is: Viana do Castelo.


Viana do Castelo is a Portuguese city that belongs to the Portuguese Healthy Cities network. It has Renaissance, Manueline, Baroque and Art Deco monuments.

How to get to Viana do Castelo

It is possible to go to Viana by various means of transport. The cheapest is the bus or train, but if you prefer to be comfortable at the times, it is best to travel by car!

Bus: 4 to 11€

Train: 5 to 12€

Car: 9 to 15€


What to do in Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo is a beautiful city, full of history and places to visit. We recommend going to Santa Luzia Sanctuary, Cabedelo Beach; Gil Eannes; Eiffel bridge; Museum of Costume of Viana; Santa Luzia Lift.

Get lost in the city, and discover its nooks!

What to eat in Viana do Castelo

One of the wonders of Portugal is its cuisine, in Viana do Castelo try the typical dishes of the city (we give it the name in Portuguese so there are no mistakes).

  • Arroz de Polvo malandrinho
  • Bacalhau à zé do Pipo
  • Torta de Viana
  • Pescada à Vianense


We hope you have fun!

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Bonjour Porto!