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One-day trips from Porto

One-day trips from Porto: #2 Aveiro

If you are lucky enough to spend some time in Porto, take the opportunity to explore the regions near the city that you can reach in an hour or two by train. In this post about one-day trips from Porto, we gathered the best things you can do and eat in Aveiro.

One-day trips from Porto

Aveiro is a city surrounded by the sea and full of history. Considered “the Portuguese Venice”, its center is very famous for the affluence of university students and its channel is the most visited part of the city. There, you can ride a gondola (small boats) and put padlocks on the bridge to celebrate your love.

How to get to Aveiro

Aveiro is quite close to Porto, about 70km from the center, but the best way to get there is through the train because travel is covered by the Tourist Ticket (7€ for 24h) and is quite beautiful, as you can enjoy the scenery and the beautiful beaches along the way.

  • Car: 20€
  • Bus: 17€
  • Train: 7€

What to do in Aveiro

Costa Nova Houses

These colorful houses of Aveiro are one of the main attractions of the city. You can spend the night, or just going for a walk and taking a few pictures for your Instagram.

Canal de Aveiro

As we have already said, Canal de Aveiro is a very affluent place given its romantic character. You can take a stroll around the gondola, stroll along the bridge or have lunch in one of the nearby restaurants.

Ecological cycle route

This route with wooden walkways is a great option if you want to choose to do a little exercise or be in touch with nature. This route also has a cycle route of 48km from Estarreja to Mira.

What to eat in Aveiro

Tripas de Aveiro

Tripas de Aveiro are a kind of crepe wrapped with whatever filling you want. They are hot, so in summer, you can choose to eat the American wafer, more crunchy. Usually, cost about 3€.

Ovos moles

Ovos moles are Aveiro’s best-known sweet. A small wafer cookie filled with egg candy. You can find them in any confectionery and usually cost about 1€ or less if you buy several.


For those who prefer “real food”, eels are a great option if you travel to Aveiro. This slippery fish can be found in almost every restaurant and can be served in many ways: eel stew, eel rice, etc.

Porto is always a great option, however, there are many places nearby, also worth visiting and just for one-day trips from Porto, so you don’t have to waste time.

We hope you have fun!

Bonjour Porto!