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Most affordable wine tours & wine tastings in Porto

One of the reason Porto is popular around the globe is because of the Porto Wine which is considered a heritage for over 250 years. So there is no wonder why every tourist that steps foot in Porto wants to visit one of the many wine cellars around here. That is why today we are researching for ones of the best and most affordable wine tours and wine tastings in Porto.


Porto Wine Tour & Tourist Train

The Porto Wine Tour & Tourist Train is ones of the best options when it comes to wine cellar touring. Why, are you asking yourself? Because besides the guided tour that takes place in Real Companhia Velha wine cellar, you also get a glimpse of the city in 15 minutes trip cross the Douro River and along the Ponte do Infante bridge. And all for 12€. This is one of the most affordable wine tastings in Porto.

After the tasting, the train takes you back to ones of the most important tourists attractions in Porto such as São João National Theatre, the Praça da Batalha square and the Avenida dos Aliados

Where: Meeting point – Avenida Vimara Peres

Price: 12€

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

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Cálem Wine Cellars Guided Tour

Cálem Wine Cellars is one of the oldest winery in Porto. The tradition and heritage is the base of this wine company. In this tour you will be guided by a expert wine-maker which will explain the process and the steps required to achieve this savory Port wine.

The tour includes a guided tour in english, entrance to the Cálem cellars, entrance to the interactive museum and at the end a Porto wine tasting.

Where: Cálem Wine Cellars (Avenida Diogo Leite, 344 )

Price: 14€

Duration: 45 minutes

To be the first one to book a tour, check out Calem´s wine cellars official website.



Poças Winery Tour

What makes Poças wine cellar so special is the fact that it is a family business that has been passed by from generation to generation through out the years. The 50 minutes guided tour will show you the wine cellar and will teach you about the incredible process that Poças winery uses in order to make the Port wine.

The best part comes at the end of the tour when for the tasting you can choose from 4 times of wine tasting: Standard wine tasting, Oenologist wine tasting, Golden years wine tasting and Old times wine tasting.

Where: Poças Winery (R. Visc. das Devesas 168)

Price: 15€

Duration: 50 minutes

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Fado Show & Wine Tasting

In this adventure you can experience the Portuguese culture at a different level. So if you are looking for an affordable wine tasting and a Fado show in Porto, this is the ultimate experience that a tourist should have . And fortunately you can do both of them at Cálem’s wine cellars.

So prepare to be amazed by all the knowledge regarding the wine process and the history of fado in an unforgettable surrounding.

Where: Caves Cálem (Av. de Diogo Leite 344)

Price: 21€

Duration: 2 hours

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As much as this tour is a fun and cultural experience, we advise you to drink responsibly!

Bonjour Porto!