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From Airport to Porto

Getting from Sá Carneiro to the city centre

When you arrive at an airport, what you want the most is to pick up your luggage, find the exit and go to the hotel, right? At Porto it’s very easy to find cheap transport facilities to anywhere in the city.

The metro is right next to the airport. Porto’s metro can be really confusing to someone who’s in town for the first time, but we’re here to make it.

What line should I catch?

After you get to the metro, you’ll find a map of the subway network, in different colors. The airport line is purple (E), and connects Estádio do Dragão to Aeroporto. So, to leave the airport it’s not difficult to find the metro, in contrast to what happens in the center, where there are many lines and you have to find the right one by its color.

Where do I buy a ticket?

The metro ticket CANNOT be bought on board. If you enter the metro without the ticket, you’ll probably pay a heavy fine, once there’s always someone controlling the tickets on board, especially in the airport line.

The price of the ticket varies according to the area and buying the right ticket can be a little hard. On each machine, there’s a list of the stops and, in front of each stop, there’s the corresponding zone.

For example, if you want to go from the Aeroporto to Bolhão, in the center, you’ll pay the corresponding price to a Z4 ticket, which is 2€. In addition, you’ll have to pay for the card on your first time. It costs 0,60€ and it’s rechargeable.

Other options

There are, however, other options to go from the airport to the center, which may be more convenient to you, depending on the schedule of your flight or the destination.

For example, if you’re flight arrives late at night or really early in the morning, maybe you’ll want to catch a nocturnal bus or a taxi/Uber, instead of the metro.

To get in the bus, you’ll need an Andante card like the one you would use to the metro. However, prices can be a little different and on the website of the bus company (STCP) you can estimate the price of your trip.

For example, if the area where you’re going is a Z2 or Z3, you can charge the Andante at the metro machine and only pay 1,20€ or 1,60€, respectively. If the area is beyond that, you can buy the ticket on board and pay the maximum of 2€.

The buses that go to the airport are 601 (Cordoaria-Aeroporto), 602 (Cordoaria-Aeroporto via Padrão Moreira) and 604 (Hospital S.João-Aeroporto) during the day and 3M (Avenida dos Aliados-Aeroporto) for late night trips.

The difference between the bus and the metro is that some buses stop at places where there’s no metro, and that can be more convenient to you if, for example, your hotel is away from the city center. Below you find the stops and schedules of each bus that goes to and from the airport.

A taxi ride to the center would normally cost 25€, while the Uber prices are between 11€ and 18€. The taxis can be found at the arrivals, and the Uber can be called at the app, like in any other country.

Bonjour Porto!