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Escape Rooms – Porto

If you haven’t heard of Escape Rooms, we have answered all your questions and we’ll give you some suggestions on three escape rooms that you can visit in Porto.

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a room where a group of players get trapped and have the objective of solving a puzzle in a certain time (usually an hour). To solve the enigma you need to do some tests, wich can be: games, riddles, puzzles, find hidden objects, etc. It is about using the intelligence to find the solution to the mystery. Usually, to make the game more attractive it is common to frame it or in medieval environments, science fiction, mystery, horror, adventure… It all depends on the imagination.

– During game time, players are observed by the organization through cameras. Whatever problema exists, it is possible to contact the organizers and quickly resolve the situation.

- Breakout

This escape room proposes a trip to Area 10, a biological research unit, where workers are found dead for no apparent reason. The idea is that the participants find out the reason for the deaths and, as a result, leave the room alive in 60 minutes. In this escape room, the game goes through different rooms with mysterious music and screams…

Price: 50€ up to 5 people (10€ extra per person – until group of 10)

- Game over

This space has a room dedicated to Tutankhamun’s tomb, a mistery that promises to transport you to ancient Egypt. It has a room inspired by Game of Thrones and Saw…

Price: From 60€ up to 4 people, 10€ extra per person – up to seven

- Porto escape adventures

Here you’ll be in a trip to Mars. The game is set in the MARS ONE base (on the hydroponic lab). With just 60 minutes of oxygen, you have to solve the puzzle in order to get out of there “alive”. There are two versions of the same room, one dedicated for childrens and another one for adults.

Price: from 40€ 2 people, 10€ extra per person until group of 6-10

Bonjour Porto!