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Douro Tour

Douro Tour

Douro Tour
Picture from: @dourovalley

The Douro region is known due to the Port Wines and amazing landscapes, worthy of breathtaking to anyone. By combining these two characteristics, it has been increasingly explored by tourists (national and international). In this post we’ll give you activities tips that will allow you to admire the landscape and appreciate all that the Douro has to offer.


1. Visit to the wine producers. 

As a region known for its wine production, it is expected to visit some of them:

  • Quinta do Seixo;
  • Quinta do Bonfim;
  • Quinta do Portal;
  • Quinta do Morgadinho da Calçada.



2. Take a boat ride

Another recommended activity for those who really want to know the Douro, is to take a boat ride (in Rabelo boats), where you can admire the magnificent landscape.



3. Viewpoints 

What is not lacking in the Douro region are viewpoints with absolutely beautiful views where you can enjoy the moment, take photos and contemplate one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal:

  • Casal de Loivos (Pinhão)
  • Quinta do Seixo (Pinhão)



4. Roads with views

The Douro is magnificent, regardless of the transport you use to visit it. However, there are roads that are worth visiting. They allow you to get to know the region better, stop at places you want and, once again, enjoy the view. There are two must-see roads:

  • Road between Pinhão and Sabrosa
  • Road between Pinhão and Ferrão



5.  S. Cristóvão do Douro Trail

This trail, with just 4 kilometer, is quiet and relaxed. Crosses several wineries, allowing direct contact with the vineyard culture while contemplating the landscape.



To make the most of the Douro, we advise you to stay at least 3 days in the region. In Pinhão, there are a lot of offers where you can sleep and enjoy typical Portuguese meals.

Bonjour Porto!