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There are a lot of  things about Porto, that we think you don’t know. We’ll give you 5 curiosities about Porto that will make you love the city even more!

1. Tripas à moda do Porto

According to legend, at the time of the discoveries (1415), the population of Porto donated all their meat to the fleet that left Porto for the conquest of Ceuta, leaving only the guts of animals to eat. This is how one of the most famous typical dishes of the city was born, the Tripas à Moda do Porto.

2. Invicta City

Invicta means invincible. This title was attributed by D. Maria II after the end of the Liberal Wars (1832 to 1834), where the city of Porto was surrounded by absolutist troops for more than a year. The population of the city resisted attempts at robberies which resulted in the victory of the Liberals, making Porto an invincible city – Invicta.

3. The Time Capsule of Futebol Clube do Porto

UEFA buried a Time capsule in 2004, where elements of FC Porto’s squad autographed a ball and the team captain, Vitor Baía, left a glove to bury. This time capsule will be unearthed and opened in 2054 by UEFA.

FC Porto is the only Portuguese club represented in this time capsule.

4. Wine taster rules

We all know and hear about the excellence of the wines of Porto and Douro. But, in order to have such excellence, the wine tasters of the Douro and Porto Wine Institute are subject to strict rules to certify the wines. One such rule is the prohibition on the use of intense odor shampoos/perfumes, as they may contaminate the wine samples.

5. Official Port wine goblet

Being a city so well known for wine, in 2001, the official wine drinking cup was finally presented. Created and designed by the renowned Portuguese architect Siza Vieira.

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Bonjour Porto!