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Are you looking for a cool and hipsterish place to take your brunch? Maybe in the lovely city center of Porto where you can take a lot of awesome Instagram pictures? We have your place: Lazy Breakfast Club. And to make sure the hype is real, we went there to try it out. Check out our review of Lazy Breakfast Club to find out more insides!



Lazy Breakfast Club

From the start, we are telling you: Don’t go there on a Sunday without reservation ! Being a well known place in Porto, everybody goes there on the weekend to have their lunch. So we barely found a table inside (even thought we wanted to enjoy the good weather outside). But the good news is that booking can be done in advance so you don’t have to worry about finding a free table.

The vibe of the place was a vivid one. Neon pink lights, minimalist furniture and tiles with written quotes from tourists all over the world. The concept reminded us of 80’s funky diners with a modern twist.

Menu overview

When it comes to menu, you have a lot of options. From breakfast dishes like bagels, waffles and everyday brunch, to lunch recipes like burgers, salads and desserts. So variety is not a problem!

Because we wanted to try the classic concept of the place, we ordered the English Breakfast and cook’s specialty, the Lazy breakfast with two ice coffees. What was a surprise was the waiting time. The dish was on our table in 10 minutes ready to be tasted. Regarding the plate, it was what we expected: a full nutritional breakfast feast.

Prices analyze

Ok, we talked about the tasteful breakfast but what about the prices? The price for a full breakfast is 10 euros. Is it worth it? Yes and no in the same time. If you just want to enjoy and try it for once then yes, is worth it. If you plan on going every weekend to enjoy your brunch, it may be a little bit too pricey.

Our opinion

Lazy Breakfast Club is a cool place with friendly staff and good food.  So if you want feel the 80’s vibe and enjoy a typical brunch, Lazy Breakfast Club is your place!


If you are not conviced, try yourself:


R. Das Oliveiras 110, Porto


Everyday from 09am- 19pm


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Bonjour Porto!