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We know… Coronavirus is not the best thing that could have happened this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy (with few restrictions) your already planned trip to Porto. Below you’ll find all you need to know about the limitations and restrictions implemented in Portugal. In this way you can enjoy the city without putting yourself or the others in danger.


Travelling around the city

What happens when I arrive in Portugal?

Once the passengers arrive at the airport, they have to go through a health screening. This process includes temperature check to make sure that their overall condition is a stable one.

How can I travel around the city?

Around Porto, tourists can travel by car, bus, metro and tram. The use of mask and social distancing are mandatory restrictions regarding the public transportation.

Renting a car for travelling around the city is also a good idea. The cars that have a capacity of 5 passengers can be occupied to the full capacity only if those are from the same household.

Indoor activities in Porto during Coronavirus

What about the restaurants, cafes and shopping malls?

You can enjoy freely the shopping malls and the restaurants. But you need to respect the social distancing of 1.5 metres, the use of mask and the overall hygiene restrictions of the place.

Can I visit touristic attractions and cultural locations?

Yes and yes. The touristic attractions/museums/leisure spaces reopened for the public with some specific measures and social distancing rules regarding. Because Coronavirus is spreading so easily, the use of mask inside the place is mandatory and the number of people within is limited. We recommend to look up the schedule and restrictions before visiting the attractions to make sure everything goes as planned.

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Outdoor activities in Porto during Coronavirus

Are open air events allowed?

Even though most of the events of the year were cancelled, Porto still has a few very cool outdoor activities (e.g free tour of the city). They are taking place in a controlled environment in order to minimise the risk of coming in contact with a lot of people.

What are the restrictions regarding the beaches?

If you want to enjoy the beautiful and sunny beaches in Porto, you have to keep the distance (1.5m) between you and the people that are not from your household. The circulation on the beach is in one-way with pathed way to the coastline. The outdoors terraces will have a minimum of 4 daily cleanings and will ensure safety by organising the outdoor spaces. Sun loungers, beach mattresses or outdoor showers should be sanitised once a person used it.


For further informations, check the Official Portuguese Government’s website.

Bonjour Porto!