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Since today is World Book and Copyright Day we want to recommend you 6 bookstores in Porto, where you can read and spend some time. Hope you like it!

1. Livraria Lello

Lello is famous for being “the most beautiful library in the world”.

Livraria Lello has a singular decoration: a colorful neogothic façade, the iconic staircase and the vibrant colors of the interior of the bookstore. In here, you can buy books but also have an amazing experience.

Curiosity: This bookstore inspired JK Rowling to write Harry Potter!

Where? Rua das Carmelitas, 144 4050-161 Porto
How much? 5€

2. Livraria Poetria

A bookstore that is full of history and passion.

Poetria is known for being the only bookstore specialized in books of poetry and theatre.

This bookstore is open since 2003 and until now its major purpose is to be a space for the exchange of information between people and books and the dissemination of poetry and theatre.

Where? Rua Das Oliveiras 72, 4050-448 Porto

3. Confraria Vermelha Livraria de Mulheres

A bookstore that focuses on women.

Confraria Vermelha is known for being a bookstore that contains books written only by women.

The role of women is valued by Confraria Vermelha and it is a place to women read, write and listen to music.
However, men are welcome to this bookstore.

Where? Rua dos Bragas 32, 4050-183 Porto

4. Livraria Papa-Livros

Papa-livros is a bookstore in Porto dedicated to children’s and youth literature.

This bookstore has a characteristic wall of the bookstore that contains children’s books.

Papa-livros provide a cultural space that includes sessions of storytellers, book launches, literary meetings, workshops, and other activities.

Besides this, you can enjoy your time here by having a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Where? Rua de Miguel Bombarda 523, 4050-379 Porto

5. Flâneur

A welcoming bookstore and a coffee shop.

In Flâneur you can enjoy a calm and cozy environment and read.
This bookstore is known for being specialized in poetry, romance, art, and philosophy.

Flâneur also makes home deliveries.

Where? R. de Fernandes Costa 88, 4100-240 Porto

6. Livraria Moreira da Costa

The oldest alfarrabista in Porto

This bookstore was founded in 1902. So, Livraria Moreira da Costa is considered the oldest alfarrabista in Porto.

Moreira da Costa is known for containing rare books.

Where? Rua de Avis, 30, 4050-075 Porto

Bonjour Porto!