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Art Galleries in Porto

If you are a fan of all kinds of art or like to enjoy works of art, then this article is for you! We leave here several suggestions of art galleries that you can (and should!!) visit when you come to Porto. Most art galleries are located near the crystal palace.

Presença – Art Gallery

The gallery is one of the oldest galleries in the city of Porto, therefore has more than 20 years of existence and it represents several artists from different generations, not only from Portugal, but also from abroad, giving them the recognition they deserve!

Where: Rua de Miguel Bombarda 570, 4050-379 Porto (near the Crystal Palace)

Price: Free entry

Website: http://www.galeriapresenca.pt/

Phone number: (+351) 915 503 049 / (+351) 224005050

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10h00 – 12h30 | 15h00 – 19h00 ; Saturday: 15h00 – 19h00

Galeria Presença

Art Gallery – Solar Sto. António

Galeria Artes Solar Sto. António, located in the enclave of art galleries, was inaugurated in July 2007. Its activity is oriented to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art, young artists and simultaneously of consecrated artists.

Where: Rua do Rosário 84, 4050-381 Porto, Portugal

Phone number: (+351) 222 013 009

Website: http://solarstoantonio.blogspot.com

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10h30 – 14h00 | 15h00 – 19h30 ; Saturday: 11h00 – 14h00 | 15h00 – 20h00

Galeria Arte Sto António


Ó! Art Gallery

Ó! Gallery, is located in the sparkling Miguel Bombarda block, in Oporto. It is a project focused on illustration, drawing, books, zines and author pieces. And thus, since 2009 it is showing the best examples of illustration from all the around the world.


Where: Rua de Miguel Bombarda 61, 4050-381 Porto (near the Crystal Palace)

Price: Free entry

Website: https://ogaleria.com/

Phone number: (+351) 930 558 047

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 13h00 – 19h00

Art Gallery – São Mamede

The gallery was originally founded in Lisbon, however, in the end of the 60’s, and in 2005 it was extended to Oporto. In addition, until the end of 2012 it was located in Rua D. Manuel II, right in front of the Crystal Palace, but after that it moved to Miguel Bombarda street where most of the city’s art galleries can be found, near the Soares dos Reis Museum and the Crystal Palace.


Where: Rua de Miguel Bombarda 624, 4050-379 Porto (near the Crystal Palace)

Website: https://www.saomamede.com/index.php

Phone number: (+351) 934 388 500 / (+351) 226 099 589

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 14h00-20h00 | Saturday: 15h00-20h00

GaleriaS. Mamede

There are many more art galleries you can visit in Porto, but these are just a few suggestions. When you visit any of these galleries tag us on instagram (@portolife.eu) or use #portolife and you will be featured! However, you will like this article about the bookstores in Porto, check it!!

Bonjour Porto!