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Abandoned places

Abandoned places in Porto

Are you the one who likes stories about abandoned places?

Lucky you! Porto has a vast cultural heritage in which there are legends, myths and haunting stories, that are a part of our identity.

Below we leave you some of the most famous stories of abandoned places in the city of Porto.

1. Mont'Alto Sanatorium, Valongo

Abandoned places

Open to assist the tuberculosis, a disease that then plagued the country, they say that there are some tormented ghosts of the old patients and that satanic rituals have also been practiced. After all, it is a popular place for paintball enthusiasts.

2. Senhor do Além Chapel

The history of this place is very interesting, showing the rivalry, even religious, existing between the inhabitants of Porto and Gaia. The access to the ruins of the Hospice is difficult, and sometimes impossible, due to the immense vegetation that took care of this place.

3. Palacete Marques Gomes, Vila Nova de Gaia

In addition to the family quarrels between the heirs who could not decide what to do with the Mansion, there are some hidden secrets that have scared the bravest. Among them is a recording made by a team of paranormal investigators, in which you can see a figure and a sudden voice saying: “Get out of here! Go away!”

4. Hotel do Parque - Gerês

Located in Vila do Gerês, this hotel was part of a group of hotels that served the region and made tourism a source of income. Today it is in an advanced state of degradation.

5. Yellow House, Ovar

Although it’s not in Porto, this haunted house in the district of Aveiro could not miss the list. It is said that there lived a father with his young daughter who started dating secretly. Despite knowing that her dad would not approve of the relationship because the boy was poor. However, the father found the couple unexpectedly. Consumed with rage, threw them into the wall and later hanged himself in the same place. It is said that the souls of the lovers never left the house and this one has already been the object of numerous investigations by paranormal equipment.

Bonjour Porto!