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Facilities you must know before getting to Porto

Facilities you must know before getting to Porto

Nowadays each city has its own exclusivity, therefore, it can be difficult to know everything just like a local does. Don´t worry, Porto Life has got you covered! Let’s talk about the facilities you should know before you arrive.

1. Subway (metro)

Once you get to Porto it’s important to know where you’ll be heading to, so here we’ll show you the transport facilities . Taking the subway might be the easiest option for many. The map showed above is divided by zones, each place has its own zone. It is possible to go to different places within the same zone. There are also 4 stations that line with the 5 different lines.

There are 5 lines.

The Yellow line goes from Hospital São João (Hospital)  untill Vila Nova de Gaia. 

The Blue line goes from Estádio do Dragão (Stadium)  untill Senhor de Matosinhos. 

The Purple line goes from Estádio do Dragão untill Aeroporto (Airport.

The Orange line goes from Senhora da Hora untill Fânzeres.

The Red line goes from Estádio do Dragão to Póvoa do Varzim.

The Green line goes from Campanhã (Campanhã train station) untill ISMAI (university).

How much? 1,20€

Unless you’ve bought “Porto Card” or ” Andante” these will allow you to not pay every single time you enter the stations.

Timetable: From 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Which places should I go to?
  • Shopping center (NorteShopping)

Station: Sete Bicas

  • Football Station (Dragão)

Station: Estádio do Dragão

  • City Center (Aliados)

Station: Aliados (Direction

  • Beach (Matosinhos)

Station: Matosinhos Sul

  • Garden (Jardim do Morro)

Station: Jardim do Morro

2. Porto Card

Facilities you must know before getting to Porto

Instead of buying the tickets at the time,, we suggest you enjoy one of the facilities the city offers to visitors: Porto Card.

Porto Card offers you a variety of options, related to transportation or attractions that you might be interested in. It offers entrance to museums, monuments and guided tours around Porto.

When you purchase the Visiting Card, it is advisable to set the time that you enter the first attraction. If you buy the Porto Card with transport, you will receive two different cards, one for the visits and another for the transport.

The transport feature is automatically activated when you use it for the first time. You must take into account that the two cards are valid 24 hours from the time they are used for the first time and not when that day ends.

If you plan to buy the Port Card of transportation, buying at the airport you will start saving for already having the route to the center of the included Port.

Card offer without Transportation: 
  • 1 day: 6€
  • 2 days: 10€
  • 3 days: 13€
  • 4 days: 15€
Card offer with Transportation: 
  • 1 day: 13€
  • 2 days: 20€
  • 3 days: 25€
  • 4 days: 33€

3. Andante Tour

The Andante Tour transport ticket, aimed at visitors from the Porto Metropolitan Area who do not know the operation of the Andante intermodal system, is characterized by maximum simplicity. Just choose the number of days. The Andante Tour is available in two versions:

• Andante Tour 1 – valid for 24 consecutive hours after the 1st validation

• Andante Tour 3 – valid for 72 consecutive hours after the 1st validation Both titles give access to the entire Andante intermodal network (except in the Electric and Funicular of the Guindais) allowing an unlimited number of trips.•

  • Andante Tour 1 = 7,00€
  • Andante Tour 3 = 15,00€
Where can I buy these? 
  • Payshops
  • Airport tourist stops
  • Train stations

Bonjour Porto!