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Zenith Brunch And Cocktail Bar

4 Places to drink natural juices in Porto

Juices are easy to find, but how about natural juices? Today we present you 4 places to drink natural juices in Porto.

1. Zenith Brunch And Cocktails

Zenith Brunch And Cocktail Bar

A healthy Brunch

Zenith is famous for its flavour food and relaxed environment. In here you can eat well and taste their natural juices. Especially the Lemonade, Orange Juice, Detox and Juice of the day (choice by the staff).


Where: Praça de Carlos Alberto 86, Porto.
How much: Between 4 and 5 euros.

2. Pick Me

Pick Me

A takeaway choice

Pick Me is known for its diversity of juices and healthy food, but also for the possibility to order home or work.

Where: Rua 15 de Novembro, 47 Porto.
How much: 3 euros.

3. Frascos do Mercado

Frascos do Mercado

Natural juices that are made with fruit and vegetables of the time

Frascos do Mercado is known for their juices bottle. In fact, here you can taste all kind of juices – apple, kiwi and spirulina, or watermelon, tomato and mint are some of the examples.

You can drink here or take home.

Where: Mercado da Foz, store 3, Porto.
How much: 1,80 euros.

4. Néctar


A beautiful and healthy Brunch

Néctar is famous for its healthy options and their comfortable and beautiful space and decor.

Some of the best juices options are Orange Juice, Carrot/Apple and Lemon Juice, Pineapple/Mint/Ginger and Green Tea Juice, Orange/Mango Juice, Detox and Lemonade.

Where: R. de Sá de Noronha 55, Porto.
How much: Between 2 and 4 euros.

If you’re in the healthy wave, enjoy and take a peek at this post!

Bonjour Porto!