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In Porto there are many statues and sculptures all over the city. Each one has its own story and some are very old, so go and discover them. Some are quite funny and are perfect for taking pictures with them!

Thirteen Laughing at each other – Statue

It consists of four sets of benches where various smiling groups are distributed around the garden. Thus, this set of statues is composed of 13 figures.

Thus, each figure describes its own movement, but always with a common factor: the expression of a hilarious laugh.

So, when you go for a walk in the Jardim da Cordoaria, sit next to these statues and take a funny photo


Where: Cordoaria Garden 


O Ardina – Statue

The “Ardina”, near the “avenida dos aliados” represents the newspaper seller that used to make his living there. This statue is supported by a mailbox. So, it was in an expressive way that it announced the good news and the bad national and international news. He was the promoter of reading and information. At a time when, in addition to television and radio, buying a newspaper was synonymous with being well informed. The newspaper was part of everyday life of the people of Porto, at home, at the café and at work, the newspaper could not be missing.

It is because of this that many tourists take funny pictures next to the statue, as if the two were having a conversation.


Where: Praça da Liberdade (near of Avenida dos Aliados)


ardina statue


Monument to the heroes of the peninsular war – Statue

This statue is composed of a base on which is situated, at a higher level, a group representing war scenes. Firstly, it features a woman holding a sword in her left hand and the national flag in her right. Secondly, on the opposite side, a woman with a child. Thirdly, it features a tall column 45 metres high with a lion on an eagle representing the national victory of the war.


Where: Avenida da Boavista


monument to the heroes of the peninsular war

Besides the statues scattered around the city, Porto also has several art galleries that you should visit.

Bonjour Porto!